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Daylong Workshops & Retreats

Upcoming Daylong Workshops & Retreats


Metta: A LovingKindness Journey
         8 October 2022, 10:00-17:00 CET
        Online - Zoom

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The Online Daylong Workshop & Retreat is an opportunity to explore your awareness and self-care more profoundly. The themes are selected for you to learn and deepen the practice of mindfulness, and meditation, while cultivating and nourishing your inner seeds of kindness, happiness, and personal transformation. This unique daylong experience combines science-based mindfulness practices and my personal experience with these practices in a guided and supportive environment.

Whether you are new to mindfulness & meditation or an experienced meditator looking for a refresh in your practice, the Daylong Workshop is an invitation for a journey with personal reflections & discoveries, giving you the time to reconnect more to what really matters. The deepening of how to use your senses and how you can connect more profoundly to your inner self as you learn to "listen" more to your body, mind & heart using the observer perspective is explored while cultivating kindness.

A personal transformation can begin when we connect mindfulness, being in the now, with the care that the seeds of kindness bring us.

It's not about taking yourself out of place; it's about learning to access your inner resources to support yourself exactly where you are and how it is for you in the present moment.

Here, you can start right where you are. I welcome you, just as you are.


Daylong Workshop Structure

In the Daylong Workshop, there will be talks, and guided meditations during the day, varying between sitting/standing/lying and walking meditations or mindful movement.

You're welcome to present your questions in the Q&A and group sharing.

There will be three breaks during the day:

-15 minutes during the morning.

-50 minutes  for lunch (mindful eating - not in group).

-15 minutes during the afternoon.

A basic guidance for Mindful Eating will be given before lunch break.

Talks & Practice

There will be usually two talks: one in the morning and one during the afternoon. In each talk you will learn or refresh your practice on the selected theme of the day.

The day will be mostly filled with practices, as guided meditations and mindful movements, so that you can discover and explore the concepts for yourself.

Mindful Movement

A sequence of mindful movements based on yoga will be offered. All the movements will be simple and conceived to be done smoothly. The invitation here is not about performance. In all mindful movements the  most important is to deepen your self-care, by developing a more profound "listening" to your body needs and sensations, while doing the mindful movements in a comfortable way. There will be offered adaptions to the movements welcoming different bodies and conditions.


Small class sizes of up to 8 participants will allow more personalized support and connection between group members. The learning exchange in the group sharing is a truly enriching experience, deepening the common humanity and self-discovery in your personal journey in a supportive environment.


During this special day, I invite you to explore a variety of guided mindfulness meditations such as Body Scan Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Mindfulness of Thoughts & Feelings or Walking Meditation.  Heart practices can as well be practiced such as gratitude meditation or related to compassion,  or Lovingkindness. The guided meditations will be selected according to the theme of the Daylong Workshop & Retreat.

The guided meditations practiced during the day, will be send to you via email, being available for you to use beyond the workshop.


After the Daylong Workshop & Retreat, you will receive the guided meditations practiced and handouts with the main teaching points and supplementary materials, such as reading lists, videos, or relevant websites.

Overview of Practical Details

Overview of Practical Details


A Touch of Mindfulness*


The day will be dedicated to the basics of Mindfulness. What is Mindfulness, its benefits for our general well-being, as mental health support, or as a way to cultivate kindness and self-compassion during challenging times. The general structure of this special workshop is given above. *Check below.





                via platform ZOOM




Until February 2023:




  • Including 3 Breaks:


      -15 min in the morning.

      -50 min lunch break.

      -15 min in the afternoon.


  • Audio Guided Meditations.

  • Manual of the Daylong Workshop & Retreat (Handouts).

  • Supplementary materials.



5 November 2022

Saturday, 10:30-17:30 CET


If this date is incompatible with your agenda, you can join the waiting list and be notified when new Workshops and classes open for registration.

Home Pratice

  • The audio-guided mindfulness meditations and the workshop are conceived for a possible continuous home practice.

  • Ideas for a Daily Life Mindful Practices are given.


  • 1 Private Mindfulness Coaching Online Session to support your practice. This Bonus is to be used two months after the Workshop ends.

  • After February 2023:

      10% Discount on the next course, 

      valid for one year.


Registration dates:

Until 4th November 2022.


Via Google Forms, please click in the following link:

Registration for the Daylong Workshop & Retreat

*This Workshop is part of the Second and Final Practicum of Patricia Kromer as a mindfulness teacher in training in the Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield: Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certified Program, ending in February 2023. More details are given during the registration process.

For more information and common questions, please read the FAQ Section or
please send me an email to
I am happy to give you more information about the
Daylong Workshop & Retreat of your choice.

Student Testemonials

"The Seeds of Mindfulness Course has brought me so many resources and skills, especially the ones to overcome anxiety in a mindful way. What surprised me the most was, how easy were the processes Patricia gave me. Processes of dialogue, of full attention, meditation and growth on which we seeded a bit of mindfulness in ourselves. All these steps were fully rich in compassion and love. The result was incredibly immediate and Patricia's meditations are extremely relaxing! Patricia's knowledge is immense, she is very scientific and precise about everything, which it is very important for me. I really appreciate the opportunity I had to follow her course and I will continue, that's for sure! Thank you Patricia :)"
Maria João Canada
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