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Private Sessions

Get the benefits of Mindfulness with Kindness adapted to your daily life and needs

Do You Want To Learn or Strengthen Your Mindfulness Practice,
while Adapting it to the Challenges of Your Daily Life?

My Mission as a Mindfulness Coach is to help you gain insight and support you in managing stressful challenges and negative thought patterns to improve your mental health. At the same time, experience deeper alignment between your mind, body, and heart. Opening the perspective that life is naturally impermanent and includes both suffering and moments of joy and that both can coincide. Using science-based Mindfulness, Compassion tools, and Coaching to support you along your journey.

Here I present two options for whom want to learn or strengthen its mindfulness practice while having the following advantages:


  • Learning privately the fundamentals and/or advanced concepts of Mindful Living & Mindfulness Meditation with a schedule adapted to your agenda - understanding how mindfulness works.

  • Finding a Mindfulness Meditation Routine that works for you.

  • Learning skills for nurturing your mind and cultivating awareness in any situation.

  • Finding Mindful Skills that work for you — there is no one-size-fits-all approach - exploring visual, auditory, body-based, or breath-focused meditation activities for engaging your senses and expanding your awareness.

  • Learning to apply science-based mindfulness tools to the challenges of your daily life, to relate to the outside world with a higher inner harmony.

  • Learning to manage thoughts and feelings that crop up during your practice and life in general.

  • Cultivation of a deeper relationship with yourself through mindful and heart practices such as gratitude, lovingkindness, and compassion.

  • Cultivating a deeper connection with others.

Get the benefits of Mindfulness with Kindness training

adapted to your daily life!


The Private Sessions are offered in two forms:

1. Individual Mindfulness Coaching (60 mins/Session)

A Mindfulness Meditation Coach can help you find A Mindfulness Routine That Works For You. We discuss your individual needs and specific issues, and you will learn and explore the key mindfulness practices and concepts. Your personal practice continues between sessions. We explore ways of integrating mindfulness into your daily life.


2. The course Seeds of Mindfulness adapted to your needs and schedule.


The online private course is suitable for individuals who have a schedule conflict and cannot participate in the group training or for whom the group settings can be challenging.

The private course of 8 sessions includes:

  • 7 Sessions of 90 minutes.

  • 1 Half-Day Retreat of 3 hours.

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditations, such as Body Scan, Walking Meditation, Gratitude, or Self-compassion.

  • Reflections & Inquiry about your mindfulness experience at home and in the session.

  • Discussions and Sharing of experiences.

  • A Theoretical Part in each session according to the theme of that session. Examples are negative thought patterns, negative bias, difficult emotions, compassion, and happiness.

  • There will be a heavy focus on meditation practices so that you can discover the concepts for yourself during each session.

  • Guided Homework Practices (20 min/day). The auto-guided meditations will be sent to you after each session. There will be optional practices offered to do at home, such as Mindful Journaling.

  • Manual with each session's handouts, with the practices' main points.

  • Reading and/or Useful Links Recommendation to deepen your practice.

  • Online via Zoom .

  • Ongoing email support.

For more information, please read the general details about the course: Seeds of Mindfulness and the FAQ.

Contact me to schedule your sessions or for any questions you might have!


I'll be happy to hear from you!

Private Coaching:

"Patricia is very empathic, always listening carefully to the message I wanted to express, understanding my doubts and emotions well, and clearly realizing what I wanted to achieve. She offered me relevant  and  appropriate exercises. During the sessions, I had personal insights, especially when Patricia drew my attention to some important unconscious messages of my speech. Patricia gave me the freedom to talk about what I wanted and at my own pace while still being quite assertive, always maintaining an important flow and continuum between sessions. She is very friendly, relaxed, calm, and available. She makes us feel comfortable during the sessions, being easy to trust her."

Sara V. Portugal


"Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think."


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