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Why Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a basic human quality, a way of paying attention to what happens to us in the present moment. Meaning we can observe our thoughts, our emotions, and the sensations in our body and be aware of our surroundings; in a way that involves love & kindness, and acceptance, without judgment but with discernment.

Why learn and practice Mindfulness?

Often our mind is distracted by so many things around us, thinking about the past, projecting the future, or involved in a mental plot of our most painful stories. The mind is so naturally distracted that our attention is often elsewhere, but not in the present moment, where our life happens. We can then miss joyful and loving moments and do things using the automatic pilot, and fall into reactive emotions, regretting afterward how we behaved or what we said.

When we live with greater awareness around what is happening right now, we can respond more effectively to any situation or challenge, benefiting our general well-being and happiness.

Mindfulness boosts our ability to manage with more confidence many challenges of life. Mindful training is a personal resource. It helps develop better emotional regulation and promotes calmness while taking care of your mental health by being aware of the type of thoughts you are having and learning how to manage them.

Mindfulness Training can help you in:

  • Taking conscious choices.

  • By developing self-awareness skills, you can expand your ability to manage your mindsets and emotions.

  • Training your mind in a healthful direction.

  • Be more kind and compassionate to yourself and others.

  • Transform in a beneficial way your relationship with yourself, with personal challenges, and life in general.

Benefits of practicing Mindfulness:

In the last 20 years there were a huge amount of scientific studies that indicate the usefulness of Mindfulness in our lives:

  • increase of our general health and well-being

  • increase in personal resilience

  • improving focus and memory

  • managing stress, depression and anxiety

  • managing negative mindsets and unpleasant or challenging emotions.


If you want to know more, check the scientific research and studies about Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a way of life, not just a meditation practice. Through meditation, we learn to practice Mindfulness more profoundly, and over time the personal transformation is felt as well in our daily life as we develop our awareness. Additionally, Mindfulness can be practiced daily while drinking a cup of tea, mindfully eating, dealing with stress at work, or listening to someone, for instance.

For me...

Personally, my mindfulness practice is supporting me in deepening my self-love, being more conscious of my personal worth, and accepting more who I am and how others are. When a difficult moment arises, I can be compassionate to myself instead of listening to an inner critic's voice. I am more aware of my individual needs and personal limits, while at the same time, I am learning how to communicate them better, authentically, and compassionately. My consciousness expands more and more as I practice mindfulness & heart practices regularly. Over time, I am finding an internal place of freedom, joy, and peace that gives me more resilience and equanimity.
I feel happy and grateful to have discovered and continue exploring Mindfulness with Kindness. It transformed my personal journey positively: as an individual, a mother, a friend, a family member, and all the others parts of me. As a continuous learner in life, this is one of the best presents I ever gave myself.

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