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What went well last year?

Patricia Kromer Mindfulness Coach

It's tempting to start to make a list of goals or think about who we want to become before actually celebrating who we are and what went well for us last year.

Why is this important?

Once you realize what went well for you, you can bring that knowledge to your life with a purpose from your heart. Because contentment and happiness in life are related to the savoring of those positive moments and creating more.

And you can generate joyful instants every day in your life consciously. Every single day. Even when everything seems to bring only concerns, take a 5 minutes break. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Drink it mindfully, feeling the warmth, savoring the flavor, smelling it with intention, and appreciating the senses in your body that allow you to do all of that. If that's not for you, read a book that you enjoy or savor that shower before you go to bed. Doing nothing is as well, so good! Without denying the feelings generated from daily concerns, we can, at the same time, deliberately create small bubbles of contentment and joy. When we come back to our everyday life, we may have a broader perspective and see more possibilities!

Last year brought me so many beautiful things. Some I created, some were brought to me as a present from life, from others, from love.

I learned that:

-Creating good moments by planning a pleasant activity with my family and friends is great!

Once a week, something enjoyable is planned for me and my family and/or friends. I have so much fun with it!

-Forgiveness is an act of love for oneself.

To forgive is not a selfless act. Forgiveness is not about pleasing the other person and taking weight out of their shoulder. Forgiving is not about forgetting what was made or said.

Forgiveness is an act of love for oneself because it gives me so much inner peace and strength.

When I remember in a compulsive way what someone made to me, when I ruminate the feeling of injustice, I create inside of me resentment. I promote anger or frustration. While, when I can forgive, I feel at peace.