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To Find your own path, your decisions count.

To find your own path, your decisions count. Conscious Decision making

At the end of the afternoon, she was leaving her job, aware of how much she still has to do:

  • Go shopping.

  • Pick up the children.

  • Give attention to them.

  • Cook.

  • Put the children to bed.

  • Prepare for the next day's meeting.

Another day feeling overwhelmed, juggling all the "musts", "shoulds," and daily tasks.

Nevertheless, all she wanted was to be by herself. She was exhausted. A plan started to emerge in her mind. If she would push and rush a little bit the kids, they will be in bed by no time! Then she will focus and work as quickly as possible. The day will be over, and she would have her "me time".

Push, Rush, Quick. She started to feel more anxious. Something was not right. Her mind went through a scenario of yelling, unsatisfied children, stress, tiers, and no rest or happiness.

What was missing in her plan? She asked herself. Do I honestly want to push my kids? What is really important here? Her plan didn't give her something that she treasured as a mother: Connection to her children. As this comprehension came to light, her new plan had a purpose. On the train, she took care of herself by eating and resting for a couple of minutes, and then she worked with total focus. The evening with her children was incredible. The kids were relatively early in bed. She made everything she wanted. She was with her heart full and happy.

Creating the life we want is made by moments like this. Moments where we have to define if a decision will lead to happiness and benefit you and others than suffering. Moments where you can decide to balance the outside world's demands and what is right for you.

Action Changes Things.

I invite you to ponder consciously and with purpose, before you make a decision:

-What is there really important to you?

-How you want to feel or be afterward?

-What are the consequences of your decision for you and others?

-What do you have to balance?

-How are your fears shaping your decisions?

-What can you regret if you decide to go against something you value?

Give you a chance to be conscious of the life you want to create, moment by moment.

Find your own path by taking intentional decisions, as they will shape your life and legacy.


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