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Questions are like Buttons!

End Year coaching questions

I really like questions. Questions can activate different perceptions and can bring us clarity. When you have the right questions to reflect on, you get answers that can help you grow and develop into a better version of yourself.

Questions can shed light on our way. Curiosity arises, and you start to observe what is around with much more attention. In discovering new perspectives, old things become new things, and an innovative display of choices is ready to be explored.

Questions are like buttons. It can trigger us in so many ways. One button can activate a painful memory, and another can make you feel confident or alive.

I intend to press the buttons of your curiosity and positive awareness. I propose questions with the main focus being self-knowledge to build a stable and robust foundation for the present time and the year to come.


I invite you to choose a group of questions you would like to explore. From there, take one or two questions each day and the time to reflect and answer them. Maybe you can write the complete answer in the pdf file I provide or write your insights as a letter to your future self. Another way is to share your discoveries with a friend. Whatever works for you the best.

Questions to reflect about this year:

1. How did I make my connection to others more significant and with purpose? In-person and at a distance.

2. What practice/routine/habit helped me live through uncertainty? How?

3. Who was there for me? How did I show my gratitude to them?

4. For whom I was there? How did I express my care?

5. What are the things I took for granted, and now I am much more grateful for?

6. What are you grateful for?

7. What am I proud this year?

8. What have I learned?

9. What challenges did I overcome? How? What skills did I use?

10. What missteps did I turn towards learning opportunities? What will I do differently next time?

11. What new skills did I acquire?

12. What inner criticism hold me back? How and in which situation? If I would be free from that internal judgment: what can I achieve? How would it feel like?

13. What personal interests did I cultivate? How?

14. What activities made me feel happy? Why?

15. What memories during this year bring me joy? Why?

16. When did you feel more balanced and happier? Why?

17. How did I nurture my body, mind, and soul?

18. How did I practice compassion for myself? And to others?

19. How did I impact other persons throughout this year? At work, as a family member, as a friend, as a neighbour…

20. What do I regret I made this year? What can I do next time?

21. Which new habits did I acquire? How practicing them made me feel?

22. Which habits do I want to change in my life? Why? What is the next step to do it? (start small, be specific, and select a deadline)

23. What did I do to make this world a better place? How?

24. What went well for me this year? How did I contribute?

25. What was the best way I used my time? How did I waste time?

26. When did I show my best self?

27. What am I prepared to let go?

28. How did I take the time to celebrate my achievements and "savor" them?

29. What are the most meaningful things to me at this moment?

30. What quality do I admire the most about myself?

The answers will take some time to uncover, and some will confront you with a painful part of your life. Take time and be honest, but not overcritical. There's no right answer. The most important answer will be the one that gives you real insights about yourself.

Patricia_Kromer_End Year Reflection Ques
Download • 152KB

Image: Justin Luebke


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