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Happy new year!

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I wish you

a Lovely

and Happy New Year!

I hope you finished 2020 on a good note and that the New Year began with a bright start.

The feelings around the times we are living are different for each of us. Some are feeling lonely, motivated, disappointed, or grateful. At this time, most of us are tired of the pandemic, and it's natural to feel uplifted one day and the next the opposite. I've heard so many of these mixed emotions expressed in so many ways. The acknowledgment of our feelings and the realization that so many people share the same diverse state of emotions give us the sense that we are not alone. We are together in this challenging phase.

I started the year 2020, having one of the best learning moments of my life. I realized something essential to acquire a more peaceful state of mind:

Everyone, including myself, is doing the best they can with the resources they have at the present moment.

Or as Deepak Chopra says: "People are doing the best that they can from their own level of consciousness".

It is a tough concept to internalize, but it comes with a deep understanding, respect, and compassion for yourself and others around you. Simultaneously, it allows you to be free to disagree with the other person, coming from a place of openness with less fear or anger.

I want to emphasize that during 2020 and now, you are doing your best, and that's perfectly alright.

You're doing a wonderful job. And if you feel as tired as many of us, take a break. That can mean having a cup of tea and enjoy it or call a friend. Taking care of yourself is essential, and let go for 1 or 2 min by taking a few deep breaths can sometimes bring you to a peaceful place while recharging your batteries.

This learning moment that I above explained was included as one of my Best Moments in 2020. I explored this as an exercise during my annual review, which I use as a foundation to prepare for the year to come.

When I was revisiting my memories of 2020, I realized one thing: my first thoughts were related to the hard and difficult challenges. 2020 was blended with heavy feelings and emotions, covering up all the personal and professional achievements I accomplished and happy moments I lived. I wanted to finish my year with a better display of feelings. The action I took was to self-reflect and write a list of my Best Moments of last year.

While honoring all my life experiences, good and less good, I wanted to preserve in my long-term memory the positive side of 2020. I aspired to start the New Year with the power of gratefulness and the awareness of what I have learned.

Surprisingly my list of 2020 Best Moments was bigger and more significant than I could imagine. My comfort zone was stretched, not only by the pandemic but because I challenged myself to do so. I praised small moments; I learned to be conscious that every phase has its end while it's crucial to have patience, and creativity can occur wherever I want. I am grateful to be allowed to participate in so many people's journey to inspire and be inspired by others.


I invite you to explore the following two questions:

-What were your Best Moments during 2020?

A Best Moment can be small or big. The common factor here is that it was positively significant to you.

A short walk in the park with your partner? A professional conquest that makes you proud of? A connection moment with your child? A personal discovery that led to a deep understanding of what you really treasure in your life?

-How being aware of your Best Moments modulate how you feel right now?

If you do want to explore more about your personal experience in 2020 and have a strong foundation to begin this year, I invite you to go to:

I hope to inspire you to Keep Exploring and enjoying your personal journey in 2021!

With Gratitude,

Patricia Kromer


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