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Dare to Trust YOurself.

Dare to trust yourself

Sometimes we want to do something and hear a voice saying:

"It's too complicated. It's better not to do it. Not now amid a pandemic, better later. You will disturb other people's lives, and that's not ok."

Does this situation happen to you? I raise my hand.

I wanted to make a retreat for a long time. I heard these inner critic voices inside my head so often that I sadly delayed it. One day, I realized that if this idea was on my mind for so long, it's because it is essential to me. I rejected those saboteurs voices and asked:

How can I make this possible?

Today, later on, I will start a mindfulness retreat that goes until next Saturday. I have the most incredible persons supporting me, from my husband and kids to other family members and friends. All were incredibly available and ready to make this possible for me. I'm extremely grateful. Thank you all.

What are you delaying in your life because of those inner critic voices?

Going out of your comfort zone is not easy, but it leads you to fully live your life.

Take some deep breaths and connect yourself to your core. And then make the question:

How can I make possible what's really important to me?

One step at a time is enough. Appreciating your own path allows you to inhabit the qualities you have and develop others guiding you to where you want to be.

Like my yoga teacher says:

"Dare to become yourself your own inspiration."

Dare to trust your heart. Dare to trust yourself.


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