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Awake your Intentions

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Awake your intentions

What is an Intention?

An intention is the starting point behind every dream, goal, and action.

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be, the way you want to live and show up in your own life. If you drive to work at a safe speed, although in delay, the real intention that guides you is safety, turning punctuality into a secondary concern.

Setting an intention is the first step to create the reality that your authentic self wishes to live. Authenticity plays an important role in developing a deeper intention as it allows you to be true to your inner values. It makes your intention independent of how others think about you, letting go of fear and self-criticism.

Your intentions, conscious or unconscious, influence your behavior and have consequences for yourself and others. The root of our intention will show our level of carefulness and how we want to contribute to this world. The phrase "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" reminds us to ponder our intentions and their results, making us responsible for the negative or positive outcome of our actions towards ourselves and others. This personal responsibility establishes the significance of setting intentions with awareness.

When you set a conscious intention, you bring receptivity, space, and openness to what you want to call into your life. It comes from your deeper self and aligns your heart, thoughts, and actions to create the change and new habits you wish.

The clarity of your conscious intention sheds light on the path ahead, making you aware of what you want to do at any given moment. If I go to the forest for a walk and I intend to be more serene, I will be more aware when thoughts around my problems arise. I can then make a change and let go of these negative thoughts. I can decide to observe the beautiful nature around me, shift my thoughts into positive ones, or focus on my breath to guide me to a more tranquil state of mind.

A conscious intention is the driving force behind your goals! You are in the driver's seat of your life instead of being driven through your life. Understanding the why behind each goal brings a sense of purpose, of who you are and what you stand for.

It is powerful to convert your conscious intention into constructive action to manifest it in your life, exp