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My Story

I was born in the beautiful city of Lisbon, in Portugal. I lived there 22 years of my life, saying, “I will never, but really never, live abroad.” …Well, at the age of 23, I was living in Bern, Switzerland as an Erasmus student. And guess what? I fell in love with Switzerland. For almost a decade, I was between Portugal and Switzerland, working as a chemist in cancer research. That’s one of the most important life lessons I’ve learned: “Never, say never!”. Fortunately, I learned to follow my intuition, I took the choice to go out of my comfort zone, and I didn’t trust my limiting belief that I could “never” survive outside of Portugal. Now, I am happily living in Winterthur, Switzerland, with my two boys and my charming Swiss husband.

Like everyone, I have been dealing with a series of life-changing events, like my father's death, who was my solid ground, struggling with being an ex-pat, and the physical and psychological challenges of motherhood. All these transitions confronted me with unfamiliar feelings, and every time, so many questions erupted in my mind… While navigating these seasons of my life, I slowly turned from lost, trapped, and in fear of accepting myself with mindful compassion as a “work in progress”. I am a lifetime learner! That’s makes me happy.

Auspiciously, my professional area was as well called into question. I went to chemistry because of the sense of discovery, novelty, and learning dynamic. I knew I stayed in cancer research intending to help others, and I was still enthusiastic about my work. Still, something was missing…Through a chain of events, I finished quitting my job and decided to take some time with my first baby boy. Then the answer came to me when a friend, who works as a coach, introduced me to the concept of coaching. I read more about it, and I went for it. I started my coaching training at Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), and then, it made so much sense! This coaching institute's concept resonated with me, and I felt that I could fulfill my sense of mission in helping others by supporting them directly throughout their journey of self-discovery and being present with each person in their individual conscious choices and growth, whatever that may look like for them. I feel the joy of seeing the person in front of me discovering something about her/himself! It makes me smile!

So, now here I am, ready to be with you, as you truly are, supporting you along the way towards your life’s summits. But, be aware…It’s hard work to climb, and the route you choose can bring you much more than the summit itself.

"Patricia with her tranquillity and objectiveness, gave me the safe place I needed to feel comfortable and with confidence."


V. J., Management Assistant, Switzerland


I love to be in Nature, hiking or riding a bike and Yoga gives me a direct connection to myself. I have sparkling eyes after going to the beach and observe the sea, in a sunny or a rainy day. I love to cook with my husband or/and my two sons, while making the kitchen our dancefloor! Family and friends are important pieces in the puzzle of my life as well as a good laugh.

I am passionate about personal development that evolves to personal growth and mindfulness has a very special place in my heart. I am open, compassionate, caring, calm, intuitive, positive, authentic, non-judgmental, empathic, a good listener and a trustworthy companion.

I am happy to have discovered coaching and with it one key ingredient to sustain real change! That key is understanding my core values and using them as a compass in my daily life’s choices. My core values are Connection, Freedom, Family, Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Authenticity, Acceptance, Choice and Learning. I strive to live my life in alignment with them.

"Patricia is very empathic, always listening very carefully to the message I wanted to express, understanding well my doubts, my emotions and clearly realizing what I wanted to achieve. She offered me relevant  and  appropriate exercises. During the sessions I had personal insights, specially when Patricia drew my attention to some important unconscious messages of my own speech.

S. V., Portugal