Co-Active Coaching is...

The Co-Active Coaching Training is provided by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), an accredited coaching school by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

As a professional Co-Active Coach, I subscribe the Ethical Guidelines, including the confidentiality policy, of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Co-Active Coaching is...

-Co-Active coaching is… first of all ABOUT YOU.

You are the central focus, as a naturally creative, resourceful and whole person: heart, mind, body and spirit. The Co-Active approach is not narrowed to the topic you may bring, but blends it with the unique diversity of your life and attend to your individuality. I will coach you as a whole person, not just your topic.

As a Co-Active Coach, I ask powerful questions and listen to you deeply, in order to identify and empower your inner skills and resources. I hold you capable of finding your own answers to the challenges you face, rather than telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. I can challenge you, I respect your conscious choices and acknowledge your commitment to lead a life in alignment to what it’s truly important for you.

-Co-Active Coaching is about the balance between “Co” and “Active” parts

The “Co” in Co-Active is related to collaboration, connection and “being”. Here I invite you with exercises and powerful questions to deepen your self-awareness on issues like limiting beliefs, core values or even regarding the level of satisfaction of the key areas of your life. This awareness takes you into a place of conscious self-connection, gives you clarity of mind, grounds you and prepares you to move towards the “Active” part.

As you may already guess, the “Active” in Co-Active stands for power, direction, manifestation and action; the “doing” part. Here I challenge you to take charge, support you in making your own conscious choices and design specific actions in order to move forward.

The hyphen in Co-Active blends the “being” and the “doing” energies together, in a dynamic dance, balancing between the sense of connection and awareness and the mindful chosen actions. Here magic happens, where the actions in your life will be meaningful and move you towards a more fulfilling life.


​-Co-Active coaching is based in a unique designed alliance, between the Coach and You.


The Co-Active coaching relationship, between the coach and you, is hold as an open place where I support you, listen carefully and with non-judgmental curiosity what troubles and inspires you. In this safe place there’s spaciousness where you can explore the range of human emotions, where your dreams are wide or you can just stop and breath. My Coach communication is open and the truth is to be told, carrying no confrontation, but the perspective of deepening the learning, the discovery and the insight. I see the coaching relationship as a platform where we develop a partnership based on trust and respect.

The unique feature of the relationship between a coach and you, is that this alliance is designed considering your individual needs and the conditions for the two of us to work together effectively, taking the most out of the process. It’s a dynamic practice, where we are always checking and continuously designing our alliance over time.

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