Before Coaching arrived to my life...

I hold a degree in Technological Chemistry (FCUL) and a Ph.D. in Chemistry made in two institutions: ITQB, Portugal, and Kantonsspital Basel (Hospital of the Canton of Basel), Switzerland. I worked for several years as a researcher in 7 different institutions between Portugal and Switzerland. My Ph.D. and career in chemistry were dedicated to Cancer research. This research area challenged me in several ways, as I had to learn to develop skills in different directions, scientifically, and as a person. I worked on teams where human diversity, coming from different backgrounds, cultures, languages, and personalities, energized my natural curiosity about human nature, what moves and connects us all. In Kantonspital Basel, I had occasions where I was in closer contact with cancer patients. That was the toughest “professional experience” that I ever had. I had to deal directly with the questions and the hard reality of several special persons, who expected that our team effort would give him/her hope for a better life. My sense of mission turned much stronger. I wanted to help. I learned to listen more deeply. I learned to smile with understanding compassion. I learned that we want all to be happy.

Professional and Life Qualifications

  • Co-Active Coach through Co-Active Training Institute

  • Neuro Somatic Mindfulness - Foundation Course, Heart Mind Institute

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, Ser Integral

  • Experience working in a multi personal team

  • Researcher in several international research Institutions

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, Cancer Research

  • Degree in Technological Chemistry

  • Life-long learner

  • Life experience as an immigrant, spouse, mother, provider, friend, family member, and what else life brings!

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